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Simplest Maytag Quiet Series 300 User Manual

Simplest Maytag Quiet Series 300 User Manual
Simplest Maytag Quiet Series 300 User Manual

The kitchen is a crucial room in every house because that is the place where you cook food for your family and clean dishes you have used. Besides, you will also put lots of electronic tools that will help you to do chores faster and easier. One of them is the dishwasher which is commonly known as a noisy kitchen tool. However, Maytag quiet series 300 dishwasher is not a common dishwasher because it works quietly. Maytag quiet series 300 user manual is needed for Maytag users because it is sometimes confusing to use it for the first time. 

Maytag Quiet Series 300 User Manual 

While you install the Maytag dishwasher, make sure that you put the dishwasher grounded to reduce the electric shock. Here is the Maytag quiet series user manual you need. 

1. Load the dishwasher 

a. First, you need to remove all of the leftover food, toothpicks, bones, and anything from the dishes. 

b. Place the dishes on the place available in the dishwasher, place plastic, glasses, and small plates on the upper rack. Place sharp item pointing down on the lower rack. 

c. Avoid overlapping and thumping so that each item will not clatter while cleaning. 

2. Add detergent 

a. It is better to use high-quality tablets or packs to improve the dishwasher performance.

b. Open the lid by sliding up the lid and placing the detergent in the dispenser. 

c. Put the right amount of detergent as is recommended. 

d. Side down the lid to close the detergent dispenser. 

3. Choose a cycle 

a. The cycle of a dishwasher can be adjustable. But it is highly recommended to let the dishwasher run longer to save energy and water. 

b. You can choose the cycles you want by pressing Start/Resume. If you want the same previous cycle option, you can press the Start or Resume button twice. 

Maytag quiet series 300 user manual is ended here because you just need to wait for the dishwasher to work.

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