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Samsung A11 User Manual Guiding

Samsung A11 User Manual Guiding
Samsung A11 User Manual Guiding

Who does not know Samsung, one of the most popular advanced device brands that come from South Korea? Samsung produces various devices but once people know the most might be the smartphone. It is undeniable that Samsung smartphones are great and advanced, yet it is affordable. One of the affordable Samsung smartphones is the A11 type. Samsung A11 user manual will help you operate the phone well. 

Some Simple Samsung A11 User Manuals 

Samsung A11 user manual usually is available on the manual book you will from the package. Samsung A11 is a newly entered model for middle-range families. It completes with a 1.8 GHz processor, 2-3GB RAM, 32GB of storage, and a battery with 4.000 mAH. 

Here are some simple guides for you using Samsung A11.

1. Inserting SIM Card 

a. Use the SIM extraction tool to open the SIM tray. 

b. Place the SIM Card firmly with the gold part facing down. 

c. Before using and turning on your phone, it is better for you to charge it first. Use the charger and other accessories approved by Samsung to maximize the function of your phone. 

d. Press the power button to start your phone. 

2. Checking up the apps 

a. Check up the current apps available on your phone on the Home screen. 

b. You can also check the apps available by tapping the “Recent”. 

c. If you want to install other apps, you can download all apps you need in the Play Store, but make sure your phone is connected to the internet. 

3. Checking up the notification panel 

a. Getting quick access to all notifications, you can check up the notification panel by swiping down the top of your phone. 

b. Tap the notification to open it or swipe right to clear the notification. 

c. On the top of the notification panel and Samsung A11 user manual, you will also have a toolbar where you can set up your phone there. 

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