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Samsung Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Trick

Samsung Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Trick
Samsung Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Trick

Trying Five Main Matters in Samsung Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Trick

Welcome to the Samsung Galaxy S10 Fingerprint trick! You need to know that the Samsung Company has launched Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus. Greatly, both kinds of a phone have a feature that is an ultrasonic fingerprint. Furthermore, that feature is hidden underneath the display. Thus, this new technology means that the users will not find a sensor on the side of the phone. 

Five Matters in Samsung Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Trick

When you find such a problem in the Samsung Galaxy S10 with the feature of a fingerprint, don't be confused! There are five significant matters that you can try. Here are they.

1. Real-world Use

When you add a fingerprint to your device, what can you do? Just hold your phone and place your finger on the screen at the same angle. It means that you are not allowed to place the phone flat on the table. Besides, you also must not lift your finger straight up and down on the sensor. 

2. Be patient

Some users of Samsung Galaxy S10 have had more success placing their finger over the sensor. It will extend the time amounts to register a fingerprint. However, the additional time of the sensor has to read and map your fingerprint. 

3. Don't get carried away

The setup interface asks you to move your finger around in between each scan. Please remember that only subtly shift your finger in between the scan. 

4. Re-register

If you cannot find the reader to work with that fingerprint, please open Settings. Then, choose Biometrics and security so that you can find the icon of Fingerprints. After that, just remove the particular fingerprint and re-register it. 

5. Update the software on your phone

This way is in order to improve the performance of the fingerprint sensor. To do it, please open the app of Settings and choose the Software Update. Finally, you can click Download and Install the software on your phone. 

How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S10 Fingerprint

For the additional information, it is better for you to know the ways to unlock Samsung Galaxy S10 fingerprint. In this case, you can unlock it from screen off. Here are the two ways to unlock it.

1. Single Tap

You can unlock your phone by pressing your finger to the fingerprint guideline. Just tapping once and lifting your finger away. It will open the Always On Display. 

2. Tap and Hold

The second way that you can do to unlock your phone is by pressing your finger to the fingerprint guideline. In this case, please tap and hold your finger to the fingerprint sensor. It is used to open the device directly to the Home Screen. 

Well, that's all the great information about Samsung Galaxy S10 Fingerprint trick. Just enjoy trying the trick!

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