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How to set up Samsung Galaxy S10 for Beginner

How to set up Samsung Galaxy S10
How to set up Samsung Galaxy S10

How to set up Samsung Galaxy S10

Having Samsung as your smart-phone might be very enjoyable. You mightn’t only be able to call or text your parents but you may also enjoy different applications offered by. There are many various games you can download in the PlayStore on your device. Yet, before you use your phone, you must know how to set Samsung Galaxy S 10. Actually, it is easy to do this, even for a beginner who never uses Samsung as his/her smart-phone. You just need to follow the steps on these following details.

How to Set Up Samsung Galaxy S 10 for Transferring Contacts and Media

If you want to transfer all data and media to the new device, then, you must learn how to set up Samsung Galaxy S10. Let’s explain how to set up your phone in these following explanations!

1. Off-device

If your device is off, you need to turn it on first by pressing and holding the Power button. Then, several seconds, there will be the Samsung Galaxy S10 screen appears. Choose your language by tapping the right arrow icon.

2. Terms and conditions

You need to click agree on terms and conditions from Samsung once you’ve reviewed it. This is the same with its Privacy Policy. All of these must be selected to continue.

3. Previous account

If there is a command 'Verify your account' screen, sign in with the Google account previously synced, please tap ‘Next’ and select ‘No’ option. Choose ‘Next’ and click ‘Activate Now’ if it presents with the phone activation.

4. Several commands

Skip some several commands including ‘Bring your old data for quicker setup’, ‘Set up Wi-Fi’, and ‘Google Sign in’. Select ‘Turn off or Turn on’ the Google services of location, scanning, and usage and diagnostic data. Then, skip the ‘Protect your phone’ command. After that, choose whether or not you want to turn on the location and application info.

5. Skip all the entire commands left

They include ‘Verizon Cloud’, ‘Email setup’, ‘Security & Privacy’, and ‘Sign in to your Samsung account’. From the ‘Setup Wizard is complete’ screen, click ‘Done’. Well, congratulations! You’ve set up your phone successfully!

Setting Up the ‘Old’ Samsung Device

If you’ve ever used Samsung and wanted to transfer all data and media from your previous device, you must have a G-mail account. Please, note that G-mail is a must mail account you must have. This is because when you want to use the prepaid service, you have to possess G-mail. Set up Verizon Prepaid Service and then, enter your G-mail account and its password. Of course, the G-mail account is the same as your old device.

Well, that’s all about how to set up Samsung Galaxy S 10 which may be a good reference for anyone who needs.

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