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Two Essential Matters to Know on the Samsung Galaxy S10 Release Date

Samsung Galaxy S10 Release Date
Samsung Galaxy S10 Release Date

Samsung Galaxy S10 has tree great variants that you can choose. They are the Galaxy S10, S10+, and S10e. You can order those variants since 8th March on the Samsung Galaxy S10 release date. So, if you want one of those variants, you can get it now. 

Are you ready to welcome this phone’s coming? If so, just come to the stores that provide these variants of the Galaxy S10 and grab them. To make sure about the quality of this phone, you can see the Galaxy S10 specs.

The Specs You Need to Know on the Samsung Galaxy S10 Release Date

On its release date, you must be enthusiastic to find the Galaxy s10 you desire. However, you need to know the specs first before determining your choice. Here are the general specs you can consider.

1. Weight

This phone has a friendly weight to hold. It is a 157g.

2. OS

Then, the Galaxy S10 uses the newest OS of Android. It is Android 9. This condition shows the great quality of this phone.

3. Screen size

For you who like widescreen, this phone is suitable for you. This phone has a 6.1-inch screen.

4. Resolution

Samsung completes this phone with great resolution to show a good display for the users. Yes, it is QHD+.

5. CPU

This phone has an up-to-date CPU to make the phone perform well. it is completed with octa-core chipset for the CPU.

6. RAM

The Galaxy S10 is suitable for you who like to run several apps at the same time. It can happen since the phone has 8GB of RAM.

7. Storage

This phone has big storage. There are available 128 and 512 GB of the internal storage.

8. Battery

This Samsung Galaxy S10 has long-live energy with 3,400mAh battery.

The Price of the Samsung Galaxy S10

The Galaxy S10 has two different prices. The kinds of storage differ the price of this phone. Here are the differences.

1. The Samsung Galaxy S10 with 128 GB

The S10 with this type cost $899. Also, you can take it home by spending £799. Different from the Samsung Galaxy S9, you have to spend an additional $180 to get this phone. Or, you need extra £60 if you want to bring this S10 home if compared with the price of the Galaxy S9.

2. The Samsung Galaxy S10 with 512 GB

This type has bigger storage with 512 GB. It is suitable for you who do not want to use microSD storage. To get this phone, you need to spend $1,149. Then, this model also costs £999 for you. So, just prepare your bill to take it home.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 release date is coming. So, take a look at the specs and prices to ensure you before purchasing it. Hopefully, the explanation above can help you to recognize this phone.

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